Alabama High School wins Grant to visit a ‘Queer Heritage Site’

August 24, 2023

A high school in Selma, Alabama has recently been given a grant to fund a field trip to visit a 'queer heritage site'. The grant was distributed by "It Gets Better Project,” a non-profit which exists to advance and empower LGBTQ+ initiatives in all 50 states. All funding comes from the American Eagle and Aerie brands, and both companies declined to comment on the matter. Additionally, Selma High School has refused to comment. This is the latest example of a K-12 school pushing a leftist agenda and refusing to take accountability.

Some examples of projects that the grant suggests are building an "LGBTQ+ section for books," giving "LGBTQ+ inclusive training" for the entire school staff, installing a "gender affirming closet" that helps support the "Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)," and even putting together a "school float for your city's Pride Parade."

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