Arizona School Board Watchlist: Christian Teachers Should Leave Their Faith at the Door

March 03, 2023

Washington Elementary School District has had a partnership with Arizona Christian University allowing student teachers from the university to teach in the district for the last 11 years. That came to an abrupt halt however when the school board decided that Christian values are too dangerous for student teachers to personally hold when teaching LGBTQ+ students. Board Member Kyle Clayton took offense to the fact that the students were taught to teach “with a Biblical lens.” Furthermore, Board Member Tamillia Valenzuela, who identifies as a “bilingual, disabled, neurodivergent Queer Black Latina” and is often seen sporting cat ears, led the attack on Christianity by stating:

“I'm going to start with our values. First, our vision in Washington Elementary School District is committed to achieving excellence for every child, every day, every opportunity, every child. When I go to Arizona Christian University's website, and I'm taking this directly from their website, 'above all else, be committed to Jesus Christ, accomplishing His will and advancing His kingdom on earth as in heaven,’” Valenzuela continued.

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