Biden Administration knew about NSBA’s Domestic Terrorist Letter Before It was Sent

November 29, 2022

A FOIA request revealed that the National School Board Association had emailed a member of the Biden White House staff informing them that the infamous letter deeming parents domestic terrorists would be sent. Not only that, but members of the Department of Education had “solicited” the letter and “celebrated” the Attorney General’s anti-parent response.

"This is a sad episode in a very frightening tale — a government ostensibly of the people, by the people, and for the people turning on its own people, turning on parents trying to protect their kids," Chamberlain said. "While we all abhor the use of violence and threats to advance policy goals, the government has to clear a high bar to avoid trampling on the constitutionally protected rights to speech and protest. The documents we have uncovered in this lawsuit provide even more evidence that the federal government was a participant in creating a narrative to justify lowering that bar and chill the exercise of those rights.”

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