Children Being Shown Material Too Sexually Explicit for Parents to Discuss on TV and Radio 

October 28, 2022

The materials that are being exposed to children are so obscene that parents can not even read and talk about them on television or the radio. This article exposes just how sexually inappropriate books like Gender Queer are, and why they should not be in your children’s classroom! 

It is against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines to describe sexual conduct or feature any “grossly offensive” language on a radio or television broadcast. Parental rights in education advocates told The Daily Caller News Foundation that television and radio stations do not allow them to talk about the obscene curriculums and books allowed in schools 

Sanzi told the DCNF that a producer at a television station told her she could not discuss the different types of sex that 10-year-olds learn in the “Human Growth and Development” curriculum of a Wisconsin school district due to FCC regulations. 

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