Florida House committee approves bill to tackle communism in schools

February 23, 2024

On Wednesday, the Florida House committee approved HB 1349, a bill that would establish a Communism Education Task Force and require all Florida students to learn about communism. The Florida Senate Education Appropriations Committee unanimously approved the bill which would take effect in the 2026-2027 school year and start educating students on communism as early as kindergarten. The lessons would reportedly include teaching concepts such as the “atrocities committed in foreign countries under the guidance of communism, and the economic, industrial, and political events that have preceded and anticipated communist revolutions.” This bill represents a strong step towards restoring historical education and away from radical curriculum.  

“If we fail to educate children on what this truly means, the pain, suffering, and sorrow associated with it, we’re failing in our prime cause as parents, as leaders in our community,” Senator Jay Collins stated.  

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