Florida Parental Rights Win!

June 28, 2023

Florida’s Department of Education released new rules that would ensure parental rights are protected. First, students may not attend an “adult live performance.” This regulation is vital based on the uptick of children being admitted to obscene drag shows in the name of LGBTQ equity. Second, while some school districts are hiding students’ attempts to change their names from their parents, Florida is upholding parental rights by ensuring the parents, not the schools get to choose “deviation from their child’s legal name.” Third, "TikTok would be prohibited on district devices or over schools’ internet.” This ensures the protection of school districts’ and students’ data from the threat that the app poses of enabling China to access private information.

The proposal would require that parents are provided with permission forms that spell out details such as “the nature of the event” or activity, specific locations and types of sponsors and guests that would be present, and the method of student supervision provided, including the anticipated number of chaperones.

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