Georgia Senate bill would restore parental consent for gender discussions in private schools

February 15, 2024

A Georgia bill that would require parents to be informed before private schools "address issues of gender identity, queer theory, gender ideology, or gender transition” has finally advanced. The majority of republicans passed Senate Bill 88 out of the Senate Education and Youth Committee on a party-line vote on Tuesday, despite dissent from pro-LGBTQ+ groups. This bill, which would require written consent from parents before discussing their “gender identity,” is an exemplary step towards restoring parental rights in Georgia. Legislation like this is necessary to combat the onslaught of radical gender studies infiltrating American schools.  

"They are proselytizing this queer sex sexuality ideology to children," said Jeff Cleghorn, a former board member of Georgia Equality. "Activists in schools have no business interfering with the parent-child relationship. Do not let schools teach kids to keep secrets from their parents."