Illegal Massachusetts teacher strike persists despite all-night negotiations

February 02, 2024

An illegal teacher strike taking place in Newton, Massachusetts has caused school cancellations for 11 days. The strike, led by the Newton Teachers Association (NTA) and motivated by the desire for a new contract deal, is the longest to occur in Massachusetts in decades. Despite all-night negotiations with the school committee, an agreement has yet to be reached. The NTA’s latest counterproposal would cost $4 million more than the city’s most recent offer, which is down from $15 million the day before. Negotiations are set to continue today, and the school committee is optimistic that children will be back at school soon. Unfortunately, this is just the latest example of unions deprioritizing the education of our nation’s youth in the name of conceit and, in this case, illegality.  

“It is unacceptable that school has been closed for two weeks in Newton due to the ongoing strike,” Education Secretary Patrick Tutwiler said in a statement Thursday. 

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