Los Angeles school district sued for refusing to disclose radical gender and race curriculum

April 02, 2024

On March 19, the Center for American Liberty filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District due to their refusal to release curriculum records. Despite a petitioner’s request in August of 2022, the district hasn’t released any of the materials on topics like transgenderism, Critical Race Theory, and inclusion. The suit cites the district as repeatedly failing to comply with California’s Public Records Act in a timely manner…or at all. A distinct element of this suit is the district’s failure to disclose information about “gender support plans,” which often include confidential documents to allow transitioning—such as pronoun changes—without parental consent. This lawsuit is the first step in holding Los Angeles Unified School District accountable not only for infringing on parental rights, but committing crimes that could harm young students.  

“We are deeply concerned by LAUSD’s repeated failure to comply with California’s Public Records Act, which undermines transparency and accountability in government,” Dhillon, CEO and founder of the Center for American Liberty, said. “This lawsuit is not just about obtaining documents; it’s about upholding the public’s right to access critical information and ensuring that government agencies are held accountable for their actions.”