Maryland education board unanimously votes to ban ‘sexually explicit’ books in schools

January 31, 2024

On January 10th, the board of education in one Maryland county unanimously voted in favor of a policy to restrict “sexually explicit” material from schools. The now approved policy states that "sexually explicit content is defined as unambiguously describing, depicting, showing, or writing about sex or sex acts in a detailed or graphic manner." This is a big win for parental rights groups such as Moms for Liberty, who have dedicated much time and effort to ensuring that their children are not exposed to inappropriate materials in school. Moms for Liberty Chapter President Kit Hart stated that the unanimous vote indicated that all parents are in favor of such bans.

“I think that the unanimous vote in favor of this policy is further proof that [the issue] of having [sexual] content in schools spans the entire political spectrum,” she said. “It is not a political issue.”

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