Maryland School District Watchlist: Parents Stand Against Sexualization of Children

June 28, 2023

Christian and Muslim parents alike have taken a stand against the sexualization of children taking place at Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. The school district recently made changes to its English and Language Arts curriculum by requiring readings of certain LGBTQ books. The changes will go into effect next year. The parents rallied together to see one crucial change made, the ability to opt their kids out of reading the books. The school board has not only said no to these parental rights but limited participation in its most recent school board meeting.

Earlier this year, Montgomery County council member and former public school teacher Kristin Mink blasted Muslim children as on the side of "White supremacists" after they spoke out against sexuality discussions and materials in classrooms during a heating school board meeting earlier this month. She later apologized for her comments. 

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