Maryland School District Watchlist: Worksheet Teaches Students How to Categorize Oppression!

February 03, 2023

The Howard County Public School System gave teachers an assignment to hand out to students titled “Privileged or Oppressed? Worksheet.” Not only does this worksheet hit the typical anti-American, woke talking points, including the idea that white people are privileged while people of color are oppressed, but it added a new oppression category: speciesism. This category describes humans as privileged and “animals/plants/flora” as oppressed. This school district also requires students to become well-versed in the Black Lives Matter movement, where some believe this worksheet came from. 

“The Diversity and Globalism lesson plan instructs the teacher that the prerequisite for students to understand globalism is first comprehending privilege and understanding structural inequities. One of the learning objectives includes that 'I understand and can advocate for the principles of Black Lives Matter.'" 

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