Middle School Clinic Now Providing Young Students with “Gender-affirming” Medications

August 04, 2023

Article: Free medications to aid in gender reassignment are being distributed to children as young as 11 at a Seattle public middle school clinic linked to the Black Panther Party. The independently operated facility in question, Meany Health Center at Meany Middle School, provides “gender-affirming care” and “medical referrals” to young students. They provide medications such as estrogen, androgen blockers, and testosterone. While parents must sign a form to approve of medications and injections, parent consent is not required for abortion and birth control (hormonal) services. 

According to an SPS presentation for elementary school educators for the 2022-2023 school year, fourth-graders were provided lessons on sexual health that ditched words like "female" and "male" in favor of "person with a vagina" and "person with sperm."

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