National English Teacher Group: Say No to Reading Standards and Yes to Indoctrinating Books

June 13, 2023

The National Council of Teachers of English, which focuses on improving the teaching of language arts to students, has decided that standards are racist. A report released in May says standards have been used to create a curriculum “absent of Black and Brown lives.” The report goes on to say that since the 1600s, literacy has been focused through a lens of whiteness. Their solution? The council instead wants teachers to utilize “culturally responsive education,” which focuses teaching with the themes of “anti-racism” and understanding “oppression.” The report also seems to suggest that “apolitical” textbooks are a negative, which suggests that they would rather see the politicization of education.

About 57% of students reported being taught or hearing that "white people have unconscious biases that negatively affect nonwhite people," 67% that "America is built on stolen land," and 69% that "white people have privilege."

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