New polls show majority of voters want schools to teach reading and math—not radical race theory

April 03, 2024

A recent poll conducted by Noble Predictive Insights found that most people feel that schools focus on teaching the basic subjects like math, reading, and science—not the misteaching of American history. According to the poll results, 51% of likely voters said race discussions should not be mandatory in K-12 school, with only 7% of Republicans feeling strongly that it should be mandated. When asked about core subjects, though, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents were largely in agreement that they must be prioritized. 87% percent of voters indicated that schools should place focus on math, reading and science. This poll has proven not only that a large percentage of voters are against race discussions, but also that a majority believe there must be more focus on core subjects. Clearly, people have taken notice that children are struggling and failing to perform well on reading and math tests. It’s time for schools to be accountable instead of pouring resources into unpopular radical curriculum.  

“The broader context here is that on any given political issue is that the activists and those with the most extreme views are overrepresented,” David Byler, Chief of Research at Noble Predictive Insights told Chalkboard News in an interview. 

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