New Website Launched to help Parents Take Back Control of Their Children’s Education

November 03, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Parents are angry and concerned. They expect their voice to be heard and respected in the education of their children. We saw it on display earlier this year when conservative school board candidates, who support parents’ rights, won major victories and claimed a majority of seats on multiple major school boards in Florida. 

 As parents across the country demand transparency, a voice, and respect in the education of their children, the America First Policy Institute is launching a new resource called “Parent Power” to help parents fight back. 

 “As the proud mom of a 7th grader, 9th grader, 10th grader and 12th grader, I recognize the importance of the never-ending quest to ensure my children, and all our children, have the very best education and opportunity to achieve the American Dream.  For most parents it is extremely difficult to find relevant information on their local school boards, curriculum approval, and how best to advocate on behalf of their child.  Parent Power is a huge step forward in solving this massive challenge, especially in today’s anti-parent environment in so many of our communities across this great country.  I am so proud of the America First Policy Institute and our team’s year-long effort to finally bring light, transparency, and information to families across this country, allowing parents to finally play the role they deserve in their child’s education,” said Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute. 

 Parent Power is one of the most extensive education and school board resources in the Nation. This one-stop website aggregates school board members’ contact information, school board election timing, education policies, parent advocacy tools, polling data, and much more. Parent Power will equip ALL parents with the knowledge and resources they need to fight for their children. 

 Parent Power makes available toolkits and model policies for school board members and state elected officials. Many school board members and elected officials want to do what is best for America’s children, but may not  have all the resources and information they need to do so. The Parent Power website resolves that information gap. A key feature of the website includes an “Incident Report” where parents, teachers, and school board members can be connected with fellow patriots who will provide resources to assist in the fight to protect our youth. 

 Parents’ rights include a say in where their children attend school and what is taught there. Screentime is not schooltime; bureaucrats and the woke -folk are not mom and dad. As parents show up, stand up and speak up more on behalf of their children, we wish to equip them with information and action,” addedKellyanne Conway, Chair, America First Policy Institute’s Center for the American Child.  There are more than 50 million children in K-12 public schools in the U.S. With the release of Parent Power, millions of parents across the country will have access to the information they need to advocate for the quality education of their children.  


About the America First Policy Institute:  

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