New York Teacher Watchlist: Teacher Tries to Manipulate Student into Changing Genders

February 28, 2023

Debra Rosenquist, a 5th grade teacher in Port Jefferson Union Free School District, is being sued, along with the district, by the parents of a student who claims his teacher was trying to induce a gender transition According to the lawsuit, Rosenquist encouraged her 5th-graders to “try ‘being gay.’” The daughter of the parents who filed the suit didn’t want to transition, yet Rosenquist continually called her Leo and used male pronouns. The parents only found out when their daughter drew a picture of a girl and wrote, “I wanna kill myself.”

Superintendent Jennifer J. Quinn and the school’s principal Annemarie V. Sciove both admitted to the parents in a meeting in February 2022 that they knew Rosenquist was peddling this mentality in the classroom, the lawsuit claims.

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