Oklahoma requires schools to teach the Christian Bible

July 03, 2024

Unlike the divisive 1619 project, which seeks to fundamentally reframe American history as a distinctly racist nation, the latest wave of educational changes in Oklahoma refocuses American history on its Judeo-Cristian heritage.

Following Louisiana’s landmark decision to require a copy of the Ten Commandments in all public classrooms, Oklahoma’s state superintendent followed suit. 

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, blames the radical Left for distorting American history by “driv[ing] God out of schools.” In a decisive act of restoration, his memo directs Oklahoma schools “to incorporate the Bible, which includes the Ten Commandments, as an instructional support into the curriculum across specified grade levels.” 

Walters reinforced that the Bible is interwoven into American history and principles. As a result, the memo seeks to add historical perspective surrounding the origins of American exceptionalism.

The mandatory directive is effective immediately. 

"The left can be offended, that's fine," Walters said. "They can be offended all they want, but what they can't do is rewrite history. That is our history. That is the history of this country."

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