School District in Washington Appoints Anti-Police Member to Fill Vacancy 

October 30, 2022

Olympia School District in Washington appointed Talauna Reed to fill a vacant board position. Reed has a history of anti-police rhetoric and made speeches calling for destructive riots. 

Since her appointment, a video recording from July 2021 has circulated online showing Reed addressing a crowd outside the state capitol.  

In the video, Reed shouts "f--- the police" before encouraging the crowd to say the names of Breonna Taylor and Yvonne McDonald. Taylor was a 26-year-old Black emergency medical worker killed by police killed during a March 2020 "no-knock" drug raid on her home. McDonald was Reed’s 58-year-old aunt who was found dead by a street sweeper in 2018. Activists – including Reed – maintain that McDonald’s death was not sufficiently investigated and that officials are "intentionally covering something up."  

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