School Secretly Helps Child with Gender Transition 

October 28, 2022

A parent describes the heartbreaking story of how her son, during a troubling time in his life, decided that he was transgender and wanted to become a woman. The school helped escalate the transition, including changing her son’s name without telling her. Since then, the son has graduated, left the house, and is not speaking to his parents. 

“The school is very much affirming. They celebrated it and changed his name behind our back,” Josie said. 

But there was one teacher in particular who fostered his desire to change genders (something he’s said he’s wanted and then wavered on). She discovered emails the teacher had sent her son, giving encouragement and sharing resources on how to transition without the financial and medical support of his parents. 

“He sent him some stuff that was very alarming. He told him it would be a difficult path, meaning to transition and leave your parents, but he’d be glad he did,” Josie explained. 

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