Strike 2: Chicago Private School Looks to Segregation as Key to Ending Racism

December 08, 2022

The same Chicago Private School, that was exposed by Project Veritas for supplying their students with sex toys, has now been exposed for offering racial affinity groups for PreK-12th grade. These groups are to help with “racial development” among “students of color.” Consequently, the school only allows students of color to join, barring white students from engaging with their peers and reestablishing racial barriers this nation has fought so hard to break down.

"Segregating students by race at any age is immoral, but to do so to 4-year-olds — at a school that charges $40,000 per year, no less — boggles the mind," she told Fox News Digital. "Rather than teaching small, innocent children to be kind to all people, authority figures who these and their parents trust are instead teaching students to view all human interaction through the lens of skin color."

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