Teacher Union Prioritizes Money and Reparations Over Kids

May 16, 2023

Oakland Unified School District just saw the end of an almost two-week long strike by the teachers’ union that ended when the teachers received higher pay and the creation of a Black reparation task force. While the school remained open, almost 34,000 students did not get education for the last two weeks, towards the end of their semester when they are typically wrapping up their studies.

The draft of the deal stated, "OUSD shall create a Reparations for Black Students Taskforce (TF) to identify Historically Black Schools, defined as an OUSD school in which 40% or more of the students enrolled in the schools are African American, and support the transformations of those schools into Black Thriving Community schools that provide the wrap-arounds services and supports needed for African American students to thrive."

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