Teacher Unions Contracts Cited as Basis of Indoctrinating Students

January 18, 2023

The Defense of Freedom Institute released a new report revealing that progressive ideologies in schools often find roots in the teacher union contracts with school districts. Not only does the report list these ideologies in the curriculum but also in the disciplinary practices take a progressive spin, focusing on “reconciliation” instead of actual disciplines that mitigate future behaviors. Moreover, in Minneapolis Public Schools, the teacher union contract with the school district specifies that hiring and firing practices would be based on race.

"There’s a reason why parents throughout the United States keep encountering Critical Race Theory and so-called "anti-racist" equity curricula, policies, and teaching methods in K-12 classrooms: union contracts often require it. If your child attends school in a unionized school district, you need to understand what is in the collective bargaining agreement with the union because it plays a significant role in what’s taught in the classroom."

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