Texas School District Watchlist: District Pushes Radical Gender Ideology on Students

April 09, 2023

Judson Independent School District has an elective course for juniors and seniors titled “Women and Gender Studies.” While the applicable knowledge that is intended for students’ benefit is hard to find, the course does teach lessons on gender neutral language. This means that, while the nation sees falling education numbers, students can critique the terms “policeman,” “fireman,” “housewife,” and “you guys.” 

 “Furthermore, there is an activity called ‘Gender Language’ on page 11 of the ‘Gender Equity Booklet’ where students consider words used to describe occupations, gives them a list of examples, and asks them to "think of ways you would change these titles to make them more gender fair or neutral.’ For example, the course gave students a list of job titles and phrases such as ‘mailman,’ ‘policeman,’ ‘woman’s institution’ and ‘sportsmanship,’ and asked them to take ‘man’ out to make the terms ‘bias-free.’”