University Watchlist: Misgendering = Violence

May 30, 2023

The University of Colorado Boulder took “inclusivity” to a whole new level when their Pride Office released a pronoun guide that stated that misgendering is not only oppressive but can be violent. The guide goes on to say that individuals should use gender-neutral pronouns until they know someone’s pronouns. These gender neutrals include going against the English language by using a plural pronoun of “they” or creating new words like “ze.” This goes beyond inclusivity to the absurdity of ignoring the inherent uniqueness of men and women. 

“Choosing to ignore or disrespect someone’s pronouns is not only an act of oppression but can also be considered an act of violence,” asserts the "Pronouns" guide, which was "created by students, for students" and listed under the office’s LGBTQ+ resources.

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