Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

January 22, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office has been investigating state colleges and universities to see how state dollars are funding anti-American, anti-parent initiatives. These initiatives are often disguised under terms like diversity, equity, and inclusion, but they perpetuate the narrative that America is systemically racist. The results are shocking. State colleges and universities are spending millions of dollars to aid in the indoctrination of college students in anti-American ideals. The University of Florida spent $3.4 millions of state tax dollars, and the University of Central Florida spent around $2.3 millions of state tax dollars.

A course called “Gender and Climate Change” uses $10,000 in state funding.

“This course explores how gender inequality across the globe is related to environmental damage and climate change and examines feminist, indigenous and LGBTQ climate justice movements alongside the gendered implications of global policy and practices related to the environment,” a description of the course said.

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