Woke ACLU of Washington attempts to block parental rights bill

June 05, 2024

As of late last week, the ACLU of Washington, Legal Voice and QLaw are spearheading a lawsuit against the state of Washington in an attempt to block the implementation of Initiative 2081, a key bill that aims to protect parental rights. The bill would ensure that Washington parents have the right to receive or be notified of academic, medical, safety, and law enforcement matters. It would also protect parents’ rights to examine certain materials and records and opt their children out of certain activities and was initially set to take effect on June 6. The ACLU’s lawsuit claims that the state has misled lawmakers, that it fails to disclose how it revises laws, and that the bill could harm LGBTQ+ youths. As usual, woke organizations are grasping for straws to make sure that parents can’t protect their young kids from radical teachings, gender-affirming medical treatments, and dangerous policies. The ACLU is trying to block parents from knowing what is going on in their children’s minds and their lives, and parents should not tolerate it. This is a disgusting, pathetic move by this organization. Brian Heywood, a hedge fund manager and strong backer of the bill, remains hopeful that the Attorney General will follow through on implementing the bill.  

“We expect [Washington Attorney General] Bob Ferguson to uphold his duty within the law to protect the will of the people and shut down this frivolous attempt by the ACLU to deprive parents of their civil liberties,” Heywood said. 

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