“Woke Kindergarten” training program in San Francisco causes major drops in math and reading

February 07, 2024

Students of the Glassbrook Elementary School in the San Francisco Bay Area are struggling with some of the lowest math and reading scores in the state after the school invested $250,000 in federal funds on a program called “Woke Kindergarten.” There has been a 4% drop in both areas in the last two years, and less than 12% of the students can read at their grade level. The “Woke Kindergarten” website includes information about their pro-black, queer, and trans liberation stances. The organization also posts "Woke" words of the day like "ceasefire" "abolish" and "Woke Wonderings" about challenging the Supreme Court, abolishing the police, and the military. Despite multiple teachers speaking out against the dangerous and ineffective training program, Hayward Unified School District Superintendent Jason Reimann defended the choice to hire "Woke Kindergarten” by stating that attendance has gone up and ignoring the colossal damage to student outcomes.  

"Our reading scores are low," a Glassbrook teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Chronicle. The funds "could have gotten us a reading interventionist." 

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